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Innovate faster.
Save money sooner.

Ready to push the boundaries of 3D printing for footwear, sportswear, biotech, industrial or energy applications? Discover the advantages of Metafold

Save over


in material cost due to intelligent lightweighting capabilities

Reduce design time


for new products, dramatically accelerating the time to market for new 3D printed goods

Bring Biotech Discoveries to Life with 3D Printing

Bring ideas to life by adding and printing with extremely fine detail in cell scaffolds, bioreactors, implants, or biofiltration.

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bioreactors on a display case

Additive Manufacturing in Footwear for 2024

Metafold enables designers to create outstanding 3D-printed shoes with optimized lattice structures

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Lattice shoe for 3D printing

Drastically Improve Heat Transfer Rates and Create High Performance Heat Exchangers with Metafold

Optimize heat transfer and reduce material usage with high surface area geometries.

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Liquid-air heat exchanger