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Use Case

Bring Biotech Discoveries to Life with 3D Printing

Biotech innovations with additive manufacturing, whether cell scaffolds, bioreactors, orthopedic implants, biological filtration, or vascular geometries, all share a critical requirement: extensive surface area. Many promising prototypes remain frustratingly stuck on the bench because of geometric data challenges. Metafold helps you pioneer new developments, by handling the extremely fine detail of high surface areas that biotech 3D printing demands.

More Surface Area? No Problem

Don’t let unwieldy files or workflows hold you back from your next discovery. Metafold's cloud-based volumetric kernel handles high surface area models with ease, cutting design time by over 90% against traditional BREP CAD systems.  By decoupling part size from part resolution, Metafold enables you to create and 3D print large parts with an exceptional level of detail, whether for bone adhesion, cell growth, biofiltration, or another new breakthrough advancement.

Find the Right Structure, Faster

Focus on pioneering advancements, not manual CAD file generation. Experiment with 1000s of candidate geometries, including metrics on surface area, volume, connectivity and complexity, and identify precisely the most performant structures for your application-specific project.

From Bench to Market with Metafold

Don’t let geometric bottlenecks stand in the way. Get to field test or market with your new discoveries faster with Metafold’s geometry streaming. Bypass sluggish file processing wait times and print directly to selected 3D printers, so you can scale up production without the data handling bottlenecks of the past.

“Before Metafold, we spent precious time designing lattice structures and on print file generation. Now, thanks to Metafold we drastically simplified our workflow, accelerated our design and file generation by 90%, and it provides us with the flexibility we need in terms of lattice structures, sizing, inversion and print file generation. Most importantly, whenever we have a question, the Metafold team is ready to jump in and help so we can concentrate on the core of our own work, which is advancing the applied research for cultivated clean meat and fish.”
Dr. Nicole Kleger, Cultivated Meat Pioneer, Sallea

Transform your discoveries into reality
with 3D printing with Metafold.