Closeup of high surface area heat exchanger

Use Case

Drastically Improve Heat Transfer Rates and Create High Performance Heat Exchangers with Metafold 

‍Additive manufacturing transforms heat exchangers with the use of intricate geometric shapes that significantly improve heat transfer rate while reducing pressure drop. Yet geometric complexity has bogged down design, processing and print times, sometimes even limiting the manufacturability of the innovations. Metafold enables you to design and optimize intricate, high surface structures that give you ultra-efficient heat transfer and more compact designs while reducing materials and costs.

Boost Surface Area and Redesign Possibilities

Metafold takes your heat exchange potential beyond the gyroid by harnessing an infinite space of high surface area geometries. Customize and tailor designs specifically for your application, and use powerful metrics to analyze possibilities, optimizing your design before validation.

Adapt your Parts for Maximum Versatility and Scalability

When you need to design for versatility of handling different fluids, temperatures, and pressures, Metafold gives you freedom in your overall form factor. Easily design your parts to scale up or down based on your particular industry or application. 

Test and Optimize Before Printing

Identify issues and optimize your design before the expense of printing. Metafold’s in-app metrics like surface area, volume and relative density put part insights at the forefront of your design process. Run compression tests to ensure your designs meet structural requirements, without leaving your browser. 

Accelerate your heat transfer design advancements with 3D printing with Metafold.