Closeup of a lattice shoe for 3D printing

Use Case

Design Outstanding 3D Printed Footwear

Top innovators in sportswear are turning to additive manufacturing to unlock new possibilities in footwear and other high performance products. However, traditional software tools created for conventional manufacturing result in brittle, time-consuming workflows, limited design options, and delayed entry to market for new products. Metafold enables you to create cutting-edge 3D-printed shoes with optimized lattice structures that provide enhanced strength, lighter weight, and superior performance. [beautiful renders of fully latticed shoes]

Conformal Mapping: Function and Form

Metafold’s footwear-specific conformal mapping algorithms enable you to mold your preferred cell types into challenging shapes and design spaces without compromising your shoes’ visual appeal or functional performance. 

Beyond the Drop-Down Menu: High Performance Geometry

Efficiently automate your search for the highest quality geometry for your midsoles, orthotics or uppers. Use Python or your preferred scripting language to query thousands of candidate designs. Define your performance metrics to downsample and create a shortlist for further validation. 

From Innovation to Market with Metafold

Every element of your footwear design needs to be designed for peak performance. With per-part customization, sizing or specialized printability checks, Metafold’s geometry processing helps you overcome hurdles that plagued performance-sensitive projects in the past, by opening up design opportunities and optimizations to meet the demands of your brand.

Get started designing your shoe parts for 3D printing.