Design. Simulate. Automate.

Software development toolkits for CAD web apps

Build a 3D CAD web application in a week with Metafold’s cloud implicit geometry kernel.
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Develop software fast. Unlock manufacturing innovation while keeping the focus on your core IP.

Build a solution that fits your workflow. Powered by implicit geometry.
Body fitment
Web apps to go from patient scan data to printable files
“Metafold accelerated our design and file generation by 90%” — Dr. Nicole Kleger, Cultivated Meat Pioneer, Sallea
3D printed shoe components showing the upper, insole, and midsole with a performance-enhancing lattice design using our cloud CAD tool.
International sportswear brands trust Metafold for high-performance structure generation and simulation
Mass customization
Expand the consumer experience with personalization on the web
Optimal structure identification
Design of Experiment + Metafold Python SDK = targeted results across any industry


Reduce time to market
It could take months or years to develop a CAD web app from scratch. General Lattice reduced their time to market by building on Metafold’s trusted and robust foundation. Read the case study [coming soon]


Increase printer utilization
When 3D printers sit idle, it hurts your bottom line. Create a steady stream of files to print with purpose-built software that automates manual processing.


Land bigger deals
Customer success is critical to profitability with additive and expansion of the industry. Bundle customized software applications with printer and material sales to ensure turn-key solutions, and true delivery of value.


Reduce need for skilled CAD technicians
Eliminate the bottleneck of hard-to-source engineering talent by reducing the manual work of geometry generation. Lightweight web apps go from clinician to patient-specific STL in minutes, not hours.

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