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Create high-performing, lightweight parts for additive manufacturing with Metafold’s lightning fast, cloud-based implicit geometry kernel.

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Access thousands of lattice types and geometry insights, elevating your design and engineering capabilities for additive manufacturing in the cloud.

Metafold Platform

MacBook Pro displaying Metafold CAD tool, highlighting cross-platform functionality.

Metafold API

Build scalable geometry-rich applications with Metafold’s REST API, leveraging the power of our cloud-based implicit geometry kernel.

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Closeup of a lattice structure designed with Metafold's implicit volumetric modelling kernel.

Cloud-based implicit geometry kernel.

Under the hood, the Metafold Engine is a collection of ultra-fast algorithms and functions to put the geometry of the imagination at your fingertips, eliminating frustrating wait times from design and engineering for AM.

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“What we used to run for 12 hours,
we do in 5 minutes now with Metafold.”

Design Engineer for heat exchange products

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3D printed shoe components showing the upper, insole, and midsole with a performance-enhancing lattice design using our cloud CAD tool.